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Escape Metaverse

Escape is being constructed over epochs, with each epoch lasting 365 Earth days. In the Genesis Epoch, users will be able to use mainstream currencies along with bitcoin, ethereum and other liquid currencies to purchase land, places, businesses and tools. These are purchased from the in-world Foundry and corresponding NFTs are issued to the user in their decentralised wallet attached to their account.

Token utility

Build Your Dreams with OVN

OVN token is the in-game token and has a range of utilities. It is used to get discounts on land and sale or buy transaction tax. moreover it can used to pay for in-game items like tools, weapons, vehicles, nourishment, health packs, energy packs, clothes etc.

Technical USPS

Unlike other open worlds currently being built, Escape is technically unique owing to the following factors:
Cutting-edge technologies

Escape is built in Unreal Engine 5, using state of the art graphical design and visual optimisation techniques that allow for smooth performance across a range of low to high end machines. The visual result is that of a AAA game.


It allows for thousands of simultaneous NPCs/MPCs on-screen, simultaneously, without sacrificing latency and introducing network based lag. This is based on a neural NPC randomiser engine developed from the ground up and is distinctly different from conventional web-based metaverses 

Connect to other worlds
It is infinitely expandable in a modular format for 3rd party partners and new islands and cities can be connected using in-world portals, manifesting as DLC from the perspective of a user.
Sentient Assets
All NPCs/MPCs can be communicated with as all are equipped with a neurolinguistic AI.
"A massive virtual world requires a cutting edge backend solution to handle thousands of concurrent requests from each player and feed clients back with their available features. We have employed industry established standards to create a uniquely scalable API and database, crafted from scratch exclusively for Escape. The solution we have come up with uses a combination of hardware and software load balancing to distribute loads among servers across the globe, and allow gamers to have a swift and uninterrupted experience, just like in the real world."
George V.
Chief Technology Officer

Powered by SkillGaming

Skillgaming's team has been developing both b2b and b2c gaming solutions using Unity, Unreal Engine and a range of technologies since 2018. With significant expertise in all parts of 2D and 3D content creation, coding, design, legal and a track record of over 130 games and gaming ecosystems produced, it has the right skillset to build out the Escape vision.


George, our CTO, is the man behind anything tech and security related for both web and mobile versions of SkillGaming. It is his responsibility to ensure the platform is in tip-top shape, up-to-date, and up-to-par at all times, so that gamers can have a smooth journey while playing games on the various platforms we offer.


Head of Business Development

Karen heads up business development at SkillGaming. She loves finding and developing new ways to attract more gamers and indie game developers, along with connecting and onboarding partners from the gaming industry, the blockchain space and even traditional businesses who wants to enter the gaming and crypto space.


Asset Procurement

Zisis is the COO of HatchWorks, one of our early backers. He manages the operational side of things to ensure everything runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, he conducts asset procurement for our 2D and 3D worlds.


Head of Game Development

Ali heads up game development for both web and mobile applications. He leads and manages the game development team, consisting of game designers, animators, and developers who specialise in creating high-quality games and gaming assets.

Escape – A new reality

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